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Prisms India Private Limited

Optical Prisms

Optical Prisms manufactured are supplied to Original Equipment Manufacturers and Research Organizations. These prisms are made to client’s specifications. In recent years we have excelled as a manufacturer of prism and are today one of the noted prism manufacturers in India. a) Right Angle Prisms b) Penta Prisms c) Equilateral Prisms d) Dove Prisms e) Amici Roof Prisms f) Anamorphic Prisms g) Corner Cube Prisms.


Specifications Standard / Precision
Material BK-7 / Fused Silica
Dimensional Tolerance 0.15 mm / 0.02 mm
Surface Quality 80-50 / 20-10
Surface Quality λ/2 / λ//10
Angle Tolerance 3 Min / < 5 secs
Bevel 0.2 mm x 450
Size Range 5 mm ----- 100 mm
Coatings Al+SiO / SLAR MgF2