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Alignment Autocollimator

Alignment Autocollimator

We are the only manufacturer & suppliers of Alignment Autocollimator in india. An autocollimator is for measurement of angular tilts and an optical alignment telescope is for establishing an accurate line of sight or for measurement of linear shift . Alignment Autocollimator is a combination of Alignment Telescope and Autocollimator

Autocollimator Mode
Where a collimated light beam is projected out of the Instrument and received back after the reflection from a mirror target.

Telescope Mode
Telescope mode where the lens position is altered to focus a cross line target located at different distances. The advantage of this Instrument is to measure the angular tilts and the shift of centre location in one setting.


Focal Length163 mm @ 0.5 m to 430 mm @ infinity
Clear Aperture35 mm diameter
Eyepiece focal length18 mm (Magnification : 14X)
Measurement ReadoutDual Axis Graticule / Micrometer
Angular Range of Measurement+/-10 minutes
Resolution1 arc sec (Micrometer), 20 arc sec (Graticule)
Accuracy2 arc sec over 1 minute & 10 arc sec over full range
Line of sight accuracy20/50 microns at the graticule/image plane

Shift in the Target position (Resolution chart)

Distances in Meters 0.5m 1m 5m 10m 20m
Shift in the Target position for 1 div of Micrometer 0.00437 mm 0.00889 mm 0.0475 mm 0.0959 mm 0.1928 mm
Shift in the Target position for 1 div of Graticule 0.087 mm 0.177 mm 0.950 mm 1.919 mm 3.856 mm