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Autocollimator is a Precise Instrument for small angular tilt measurements. Prisms India offers a wide range of Micro-Optic Visual Autocollimators ranging from 3 arc secs to 0.5 arc secs resolution to suit the end users application and budget for Straightness, Squareness, Flatness, Rotary table calibration in Machine Tool Industry. Wide range of Stands and accessories are offered to suit various applications. Autocollimator with camera attachment available with software for Straightness & Flatness for machine Geometry measurements..


Prisms India Autocollimators are equipped with highly accurate Micrometers. The mounting Telescope tubes are made from high quality Stainless Steel material to avoid rusting


Clear Aperture25 mm35 mm55 mm
Resolution/ Micrometer Division3 Secs1 Sec0.5 Secs
Accuracy over 1 Minute Range6 Secs2 Secs1 Secs
Accuracy over full Range30 Secs10 Secs5 Secs
Measurement AxisSingle/DualDualDual
Range of Measurement± 30 Minutes± 20 Minutes± 10 Minutes
Field of View± 30 Minutes± 20 Minutes± 10 Minutes
Power220V, 50 Hz220V, 50 Hz220V, 50 Hz
Overall Length330 mm400 mm530 mm